Ready-made infrastructure packages

Hox’s pre-built website projects that can be delivered in a short time. Fast, simple and useful carefully designed website infrastructures.


Infrastructures are licensed products that have already been prepared or purchased. All products are delivered to you with all rights. You can view the most suitable project by selecting the appropriate branch for your business type. Available fields are as follows:
  • Corporate
  • E-Commerce
  • Personal Blog / Portfolio
  • Education and Educational Institutions
  • News and Media
  • Health and Medicine
  • Recipe and Kitchen
  • Event and Ticket Sales
  • Booking and Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Social Networks and Professional Networking
  • Virtual Communities and Forums
  • Entertainment and Gaming Sites
  • Home Decoration and Design Blogs
  • Fashion and Clothing Stores
  • Music and Art Platforms
  • Animal Lovers and Pet Care
  • Technology Review and News
  • Fun and Humor
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Ideas
  • Real Estate and Investment Consultancy
  • Healthy Living and Nutrition
  • Financial Education and Counseling
  • Online Courses and Education Platforms
Ready-made projects are customized for your business and connected to your site within 1-3 business days after purchase. This process is completely optional. If you do not request installation, the project is delivered to you without waiting. We have ready-made "site" services in their types. If you want to benefit from customized services, you can browse the content from the areas labeled "Custom".


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